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SolSuite 2017's NEW v17.3 is Now Available for Download! (March 10, 2017)

Download SolSuite 2017's new v17.3

Buy SolSuite 2017 Now! (only $9.99 !)

Download the NEW v17.3 now!

Buy SolSuite 2017 Now!


 New Features in SolSuite 2017 - v17.3 (March 10, 2017)



New Solitaires
SolSuite 2017's version 17.3 includes the following new solitaires (663 solitaires in all):

SolSuite 2017 v17.3 - Concert screenshot

Kingdom Three Decks
SolSuite 2017 v17.3 - Kingdom Three Decks screenshot

Mister Franklin
SolSuite 2017 v17.3 - Mister Franklin screenshot


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 Did you know?

You can at any time play one of the previously played games (a single game number of a particular solitaire).

To Play One of the Previously Played Games:

1. On the Game tab, in the More group, click Other Options and then select Select a game number...; or press F3.
2. Click the Previous games tab. The Game number, the name of the solitaire, the Win or Lost status, the date and the Player appear in the title bar of the grid.
3. In the grid, select one of the previous played games, then press the "Play this game" button.

 Read What our Customers Say about SolSuite



I’m your customer for quite some time now. Since 2008 to be precise. My wife, who actually plays SolSuite and MahJong like hell, loves it. Every couple of years I buy the latest release. So my wife and I hope you’ll “live” at least another 19 years and wish you all the best. Great work! Please keep it up!
— Silvia and Michael Pelletier, Germany —


I love my SolSuite and Mahjong Suite games and the fabulous support provided for these products is a big part of why I love them.
— Alan Beaubien, U.S. —


All set thanks to your quick responses. My wife is delighted, so guess what- so am I. I’d recommend your company to anyone!
— Dick Cutler, U.S. —

NEW v14.0 of our Product: MahJong Suite 2017!


MahJong Suite 2017 is a high-quality collection of MahJong solitaire games.


New version 14.0 contains:
188 different layouts, 12 Tile Sets for MahJong-type games, 38 Tile Sets for Matching-type games, dozens of backgrounds and themes!

You will also get MahJong Suite Graphics Pack for Free with additional graphics

What's new in MahJong Suite 2017 version 14.0:

- MahJong Suite 2017's version 14.0 includes 5 new Layouts: 2017, Cup Cake, Japanese Bridge, Taurus and Totem Pole
- MahJong Suite 2017's version 14.0 includes the following new skin Silver Flat and New Toolbar/Ribbon icon buttons

Download latest version of
MahJong Suite 2017: http://www.mahjongsuite.com

MahJong Suite 2017 is a perfect
SolSuite companion!

MahJong Suite 2017 is a perfect SolSuite companion!

Download SolSuite 2017's new v17.3

Buy SolSuite 2017 Now! (only $9.99 !)

Download the NEW v17.3 now!

Buy SolSuite 2017 Now!

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